Kenya Dancing Part Two

Some Kenya dance routines require the memorization of certain steps and routines and whether you are on the dance floor or not, you will continuously try to remember these steps. This is good exercise for your brain and it helps keep you forever alert.
Some dance styles require skills bordering on the acrobatic and it takes a very energetic person to participate in them. The twists and turns involved help in the development of strong bones and properly lubricated joints. A Kenyian who participates in dancing on a regular basis is therefore not only physically strong but is also unlikely to suffer from arthritis. The health benefits aside, dancing is one sure way that helps you gain insights into other cultures and helps you socialize almost effortlessly. A competent dancer is a self-assured person who easily makes friends with people from diverse cultures and places. Dancing offers immense opportunities for career development. Apart from being a dancer, you could become a dancing teacher or choreographer. Even when you do not benefit directly from dancing, the skills acquired as a dancer (such as self-confidence) will stand you in good stead in any career.